Cloudmancer allows you to manage mixed virtual environments with one toolset and eliminate vendor lock-in.

Cloudmancer makes your virtual machines portable .

Give your infrastructure the ability to seamlessly migrate its virtual assets across the markets best virtualization and cloud platforms.

Private, public, or hybrid -- your VM's are cleared for takeoff.

Cloudmancer: Virtualization Management Platform

Cloudmancer provides decentralized management for your virtualization infrastructure that enables your business to:

  • Manage heterogenous virtualization deployments from a single, interoperable toolset
  • Seamlessly migrate virtual machines across platforms and guarantee portability
  • Empower administrators with built-in remote management capabilities

Benefits: What Cloudmancer means for you business

Increased ROI & Lowered TCO

Dramatically decrease the total cost of ownership for your infrastructure by uniting hybrid environments under decentralized management.

Cloudmancer enables businesses to maintain a diverse portfolio of infrastructural solutions without increasing overhead or complexity. Businesses can also ensure that their employees can exercise their core competencies from anywhere in the world.

Business Agility & Operational Flexibility

Operate with the assurance of portability. Deploying and maintaining business applications is substantially easier with the freedom to migrate your virtual assets between platforms.

Cloudmancer removes the barriers to operational flexibility and makes it easy to seamlessly repurpose physical assets, deploy and scale new and legacy applications, and mitigate geographic and logistic issues.

Future Proofed& Vendor Unlocked

Grow and maintain your infrastructure with freedom and portablity so that your business's IT capabilities are aligned with the evolving global market space.

Cloudmancer allows you to seamlessly migrate your assets to superior solutions as technology improves. Consequently, you can reduce and control operating costs and simplify your critical core compentencies.

Our platform provides a central interface for you to control your virtualization deployments across the globe. But more importantly, we enable you to combine different hypervisors into collaborative resources.

Existing platforms attempt to "integrate" different hypervisors, and what that amounts to is an interface that talks to multiple platforms independently.

We don't just "integrate" different virtualization platforms-- we combine them into one functional unit. Cloudmancer negotiates and translates complicated differences so well that you don't even have to know what family of hypervisor a given virtual machine resides on. Instead, you can direct your efforts to the purpose and value of your virtual machines.

This is just the first of many enhancements we'll provide, but we believe removing vendor lock-in will de-risk cloud adoption and initiate the next generation of cloud-enabled services. As such, its a great place to start.

Cloudmancer is sofware as a service and is accessible anytime, anywhere.

Upon login, you have immediate access to your private infrastructure. But how?

We provide a micro-sized virtual appliance (we call it a focus), that enable your hypervisors to securely talk to your Cloudmancer service. This patent-pending technology is safe, fast, and reliable.

Cloudmancer will offer introductory pricing of 29.00 per user per month.

There are no setup charges, hidden fees, usage restrictions, or catches.

Reviews & Testimonials:

Existing cloud and virtualization solutions give you a wall and nail...

Cloudmancer is your hammer.

George Buskey, founder Keep-Alive, Inc.


is a fine piece of software by Cloudmancer, Inc.